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D-Day and Beyond: A True Story of Escape and POW Survival

D-Day and Beyond is the true story of WWII veteran Stanley E. Edwards, Jr. A C47 pilot with the 82nd Airborne Division, Stanley was just twenty-two on D-Day when his job was to drop paratroopers in Normandy, France. Instead, his plane was shot down and he was forced to jump.

Separated from his crew, he joined other paratroopers trying to fight their way back to the American lines. In the process they were captured by Nazis but managed to escape. Stanley Edwards was captured and escaped twice more before he was finally caught and sent to Stalag Luft III, a prison camp in Germany. There he learned to survive as a POW, made lifelong friends, and learned some of the most important lessons in life.

His story is a fascinating account of one man's struggles to survive and do his duty as an American military man amid the chaos of World War II.

Publisher: Burd Street Press December, 2004.
ISBN #1-57249-362-3
$8.95 in paperback
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