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What others say about D-Day and Beyond:

“Stanley Edwards' story is the stuff that books and movies are made of. His pluck and determination alone are enough to inspire a writer or movie director. . . Phend has done a wonderful job of penning a story that ought not to be forgotten.”

Donna Chavez in Everything Naperville

“Stan Edwards' story is a window into the cockpit of a C-47 on D-Day and his survival behind enemy lines. His story of repeated capture and escape is like a great conversation with a history-loving uncle.”

Chuck Coppola, WGN-TV, Chicago

“D-Day and Beyond is a vivid first-hand account of the trials and tribulations of being a pilot during WWII. This book adds to our understanding of how much luck and determination made the difference between life and death for the typical POW and leaves the reader with a compelling message for today's youth.”

David A. Frolick, Professor of Political Science, North Central College

“From an entertainment-value perspective, this book is about as good as it gets. Edwards' story is so gripping, so exciting, I was hooked immediately and was sorry when I came to the end. Phend organizes Edwards' story into a readable, novel-like book while seeming to preserve much of the language he used describing it to her. Meanwhile, I also managed to learn a few things about the war, D-Day, and the plight of Americans in occupied France.”

David Oldenburg on Amazon

“Offering insights into WWII and the POW experience, this book will be enjoyed by readers in seventh grade and above. An especially good choice for reluctant readers, this slim volume has humor, easy reading prose and maps that explain the escapes and recaptures endured by Stanley Edwards. Most important of all, the book is a testimonial to the American GIs who may have been captured in German POW camps but managed to keep their spirits hopeful and resourceful. This book is also a useful springboard between generations when discussing war experiences. Just 22-years-old when captured, Edwards' tells a story that is full of humor as well as pain; this focus allows young and old to share their own experiences and thoughts.”

Susan Greenwood on Amazon
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